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Microsoft Windows – whats good about it.

You might think that I must be crazy but i think that Windows indeed has some benefits. Its not the security – ok. And its also not the usability. But Windows has these benefits:

  • Its quite of a standard where many GUIs and operating systems orientated. Not all things are nice – but at least it helped other systems to make some kind of GUI cloning and start from there. I dont want to suggest that Windows in any way invented the GUIs, it was rather late. its more the popularity that helped spread the idea of GUIs.
  • You can install all kind of software on it. You now almost get as much free software on Windows as on Linux. So you get things like OpenOffice.org just like the Linux guys (see also my article about the Mac). I would say that the Windows platform in many sense is more open and more free as the Mac platform. So you can install a lot of the free software and then switch to Linux without really noticing as you already are used to OO.org, Thunderbird and OpenOffice.org.
  • You can also get a lot of support from friends while Mac support is not widely available.
  • Hard- and software is cheaper than Mac hard- and software – on Macs the Mac shops often whewre good in getting more money out of simple things than a general windows computer store.

So why am I saying that? Because I think it makes much more sense to be able to use a much wider spectrum of free software on Windows XP (I dont think Vista is an alternative) and get used to this free software – and then switch to a Linux based system when you feel good to go in that direction as if you would switch to a Mac and then realising that you cant use OO.org and other software in the same sense as on Windows or Linux. The difference between my position and many other Linux advocates might be that I am not so much a fan of Unix or think that security is everything – but I think choices are important.

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