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Why is Wikipedia dying?

Now that what could be foreseen of those who have got some knowledge about Wikis has become reality. User and content on Wikipedia is not growing as it has been in the past (see link). Why is this happening? First we must ask: Why did Wikipedia work? Because everybody could contribute and every contribution was mroe or less welcome.

What happened? The reductionists took over. People who are journalists or just people who like to control others – and they implemented a DEMOCRATIC system to control the content and the users. So it switched from anarchy to democracy. But Wikis live by anarchistic nature and nto by democracy. Democracy works by majority control and also by control of few about others. Anarchy on the other side likes to take people self responsibility and plays witht the rules that can change daily. But once rules are written in stone some people start to tell others what they may do and what not.

Actually this turns a lot of people of – like now in Wikipedia. One could see those problems already in Wikinews, which has become an irrelevant source for news because it was created already with many rules inherited from Wikipedia. In Google News there is a total count of 45 results of the word wikinews. Most of them are just mentioning Wikinews as a news source. While Indymedia has a count of 276. And this is also reflected by Google searches in Google Trend. One cause in Wikinews is that they try to have a neutral point of view and dont like original reporting. Neutrality is a nice thing but it does not fit into the wiki principle. They dont give articles the space to grow – so nobody cares. Indeed they seem to care more about the principle as about good news.

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