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mixxt social network = ridiculous

As mixxt was suggested as an opportunity for the Webmontag to use it for social networking I looked at it. And I found that it does not even meet some minimum requirement. This one minimum requirement for a social network from my view is TLS support. You can not expect users to log in via an unencrypted connection, really? Go and do your homework!



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webmonday january kiel

A bit of a disappointment as there were no preparations for possible presentation and no talks (besides my own). Also I missed a bit of a discussion culture – I would have expected that a group of people try to keep the discussion in a circle so that everybody can listen and add some points. – If discussion is split it splist even more and people get distracted, which again distracts more people. So it is needed that everybody keeps up some basic discipline and care about how good everybody can follow. Maybe the problem is that people are used to have some kind of leadership that enforces discipline – and if there is none they are not willing to follow some basic rules. As an anarchist I don’t like leaderships and i think that as grown ups we should be able to communicate with each other on a free basis. Nobody is forced to come to this event (again), neither am I. I hope the webmonday in Kiel will develop its own culture so that is fun and also informative to go there.

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YA Webmonday in Kiel

Yet another webmonday in Kiel today. The first in a series where we really started with talks about topics. The talks where not as dense as I hoped. But as this was our first real webmonday one should not take this too serious. It was interesting in many perspectives and sure I continue to go there. I like the idea of sharing knowledge.

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