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Make runtime executables with VisualWorks

Hi, to all those who are doing the the WalkThrough PDF of Cincoms VisualWorks . I already thought I was dumb as I saw that on version 7.5 my version of stripped down helloworld (hello.im) never was stripped down. The solution is simple: VW 7.5 ignores the name of your image and saves the file as “runtime.im” . To get an idea got to ~/vw7.4.1ns/image (if you just upgraded 7.4.1 to 7.5) and do:

$ ls -rtl
-r-xr-xr-x 1 vinci vinci 4.1M Aug 26 14:54 install.im
-r–r–r– 1 vinci vinci 13M Aug 26 14:54 visual.sou
-r-xr-xr-x 1 vinci vinci 16M Aug 26 14:54 visualnc.im
-r–r–r– 1 vinci vinci 6.6M Aug 26 14:54 visualnc.im.zip
-rw-r–r– 1 vinci vinci 3.3K Aug 29 13:39 hello.cha
-rw-r–r– 1 vinci vinci 19M Aug 29 13:39 hello.im
-rw-r–r– 1 vinci vinci 14M Aug 29 13:40 runtime.im

You see that the last entry “runtime.im” was saved last AND is the smallest image. If you then do ../bin/linux86/visual runtime.im you get this small hello world application, really without the whole workspace. I could not find any other place where I could define the resulting runtime image. Only before – but that was ignored at the strip down process.

I found another issue on VisualWorks: You cant type “ß,ö,ü,ä” (umlauts) in Workspace or anywhere else at least in the Linux version. Taht makes it quite unusable for every day work in Germany if this is the case on every system. Maybe there is a fix for this?

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Which smalltalk (tool) to use?

I am currently using the free version of VisualWorks. Why? Well there are some points:

  1. VisualWorks takes less ressources from CPU than Squeak
  2. VW allows me to  reduce the size of the Workspace and other windows.
  3. They have some nice video tutorials and a good online help.
  4. The system browser has some nice additional functions like filling in initialize. (I am quite sure that I could do this also with Squeak, but it did not show up by default like in VW)

So I think right now VisualWorks is the best choice for me to learn Smalltalk. I continue to be interested in other solutions and whould switch to an open source solutions that could do the same things. But I also do know that switching from one Smalltalk to the other is not that hard. There are some differences but that just like different Linux distributions. Most Smalltalker that I have met use many different versions at the same time. The other thing thats not so nice about VisualWorks is that it looks very outdated in its Linux version. I guess this must be Tcl/Tk? Would be nicer to see a more modern look like newer Qt or Gtk2 give the user. The fonts are also often not nice to look at, which influences the overall reception of an application. So I like to suggest to Cincom to do some rework of the GUI (not the logic, only the Toolkit)

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