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OpenBSD as guest in Virtualbox

Does this work? Yes it does currently. With OpenBSD 5.0, 5.1 an VirtualBox 3.2.

Without hardware virtualization on my CPU I had to start VirtualBox differently than normally, though:

VBoxSDL –norawr0  –startvm NAMEOFMACHINE &

Then it should run ok. I run this setting on a Debian 6.x Squeeze since some years. So it does not need VT-x or AMD-V hardware virtualization support, as Oracle says.

–norwar0” means  “disable raw ring 3”. I still dont really understand this completely. But Wikipedia also talks about the rings.



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Switching from Ubuntu to Debian again

I  had been a long time Debian user years ago. But I have switched to different Linuxes. I have used Ubuntu for the last years, but had a problem with it for quite some time. Where I have already talked about earlier.

I have now decided, that it is much easier to just not use it any more, instead of living with their craziness of manipulating all kind of behavior in a non standard way. Its worse enough that GNOME does not goes in the wrong direction. But GNOME still is workable. At least in Debian.

I am now using Debian Testing/Squeeze. I like to see that Debians community is alive and developing.

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