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ninjafoo Ng: Linux 1.9.0 Might Miss Deadline

ninjafoo wrote about  Linux 1.9.0 Might Miss Deadline.

I think the problem is not Linden Labs not pushing this thing. I think

1) The thing is of open source Clients. Linux and Windows clients should be both open source and developed hand in hand

2) Transparency. People dont know what will come – external developers can not help

I think if Linden Lab continues to got the way of open source they will not have to push the development, but only cooperate and coordinate. I dont see the internals and I have not yet getting any response of the Linden people. Thats a problem. Communication is more important than development . Development will follow. And sure Linden Labs can get in contact with skilled developers and comapnies that  way.

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SecondLife further experiences

SecondLife(SL) is also like a big chat room that has distances. You can not hear what somebody writes until he says is 20 meters from you. or unless he shouts (then it reaches 100 meters). Many citizens of SL are not very experienced in chat. Well they might be long year SL citizens but they don’t know that it is stupid to judge people quickly and that you should never take a chat seriously. Users like to play hiding games. This can be fun but it is childish. As many users have good looking characters and especially women like to dress up hot you must learn to look through it – may be more than in real life (RL). You have a profile with tabs. People are putting pics of the SL into the tab for RL. So they dont want to leave that empty, but also do not tell anything about themeselves. Its ok not to tell anything, but its also stupid to say that RL is waht they are in SL.

In an older forum thread I’ve read that somebody had invented a sailing boat which uses the wind for movement. So you can actually sail. Thats the power of SL – people get creative and the possibilites are ENDLESS. SLs development is FAR beyond the scope of Linden Labs, which is developing the basis. Interestingly there is really a gate between the virtual money in SL and RL with a developing exchange rate. So you can even speculate on a rising or falling SL dollar! Many, many things are like in RL.

The cool thing for people who like to build. can do this together and can be shown how to do it and actually do it in the same moment. So there can be interactive lessons. Most learning of programs is very abstract and not interactively inside the program itself and at the same point showing the results in the world itself where they were made. This has some magic.

There are virtual businesses that became real businesses. THe virtual reality (VR) is floating into the RL.

to be continued…

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