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Starting to adapt versioning with Mercurial for every day work.

I have used Mercurial for some years now to maintain my own version of MoinMoin wiki code. It was only lately that I wondered why I hasn’t started to use it for maintaining versions of my files. The thing is: We all work on files – and we also like to be able to access older versions at some point. So you can work with revisions with some applications like OpenOffice.org – and that can be cool if the application understands these revisions. But many applications do not have their own revisions. Also we might want to be able to maintain different kinds of files in combination.

if we look at the desktop we must realise that the desktop itself doesn’t provide real nice help. There is an integration in the works for Nautilus file manager, which could be interesting. But still – we have all the technology but still working with files and configurations with revision control is rather for advanced users. It is not yet well integrated in applications. Another issue are large files. Mostly files larger than 1-2 GB cant be handled efficiently by systems like Mercurial or Git. I heard that Perforce can do it, but thats proprietary.

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