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First impressions of Ubuntu 9.04 beta

I have just updated to newest Ubuntu. Here are some points of interest:

  • Thes removed the shutdown option from system menu. You now HAVE to use the stupid applet. IS this a GNOME or an Ubuntu decision. Personally i dont like this applet for shutting down. I always used the system menu. The applet looks so similar to the pidgin icon. Argh how stupid can programmers be? That would be a reason to dump GNOME. You should not remove essential stuff
  • Flash does not work in Firefox and Epiphany
  • I cant installe epiphany-webkit
  • the volume ruler now is horicontal. Is this better? and he did crash
  • The messaging (if you change volume, network is connected, etc.) now has a black background
  • totem does not play videos and crashes
  • monitor settings look much better. need to test it with my beamer.
  • btw. the gnome 2.26 news again sound silly at least in german like:
  • “GNOME’s web browser, Epiphany, gains an exciting new feature of an improved location bar, similar to the Awesome Bar popularized by Firefox 3.0.” – well Epiphany had this address bar BEFORE Firefox – it might have added searching the titles also – but what kind of GNOME marketing is that?

I am sure there is more to say. Why dont I file bug reports. Because I have lots of outstanding bugs that are undecided ot disputed so I know it does not make sense to submit new bugs. Its more likely that somebody reads this review and acts uppon that as that anybody really cares about new Ubuntu bugs from my experience. Thats sad but its true. That does not mean people do not work on bugs in Ubuntu – but they tend to either fix clear bugs or dismiss anything they dont get. Like the Evolution guys who still have crappy spam marking options. I did file a bug in GNOME bugzilla years ago but they still think spam handing is not important. That was the single reason for me to switch to Thunderbird.


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Make movies free (Theora video)

As I wanted to (for the first time) convert an MP4 video to a patent free version with OGG Theora I found that the solutions is simple. There is a command line tool “ffmpeg2theora” for Unix systems. This is part of “OggConvert” and sure is available for many Unix based operating systems.

I started “GNU Screen” from command line which enables me to close the terminal at every point without ending the conversion process.  This is often smarter than using some GUI tools which might break more easily. With this process you can even reset your session without stopping the conversion. I then just typed “ffmpeg2theora filename.mp4” and it will produce a file named “filename.ogv”.

What I just describes is no magic at all, but plain and simple.

Again Why Theora?

Because Theora is patent free. So nobody who is watching the file will ever need a license to play it. You should consider using Theora. Firefox 3.5 will support playing it without any plugins! Its the new free video standard of the internet.

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FF3 criticism part II

Some other things I like to critisize:

  1. This is a good thing: Actually FF now uses Epiphanys model of accessing (via “Smart Location bar” ) bookmarks – bookmarks, tags  and history are searched while you type. Also bookmarks now get tags instead that they are stored in folders. Whats funny about that is that this was one of the major reasons to use Epiphany – so now FF uses that, too – Whats bad about that? Nothing much, just want to mention that Epiphany had that since MANY years
  2. “Organic software”? WTF? One essence of open source software is not think your users are stupid. Firefox thinks people think organic food is nice and so they do want organic food for their computers. Well… its just nonsense, this kind of “microsoftic” “aollike” marketing. If you dont want smart people to use your browser tell us in clear words!

I must say maybe Epiphany was not able to continue its road of inventions and rather made solid new releasesm while some problems were still in place. But I still prefere Epiphany as it seems to me lightyears ahead in simplicity. And now that Mozilla does this promotional shit I have lost my last hope that Firefox might once be either unified with Epiphany or better than Epiphany.

I think one problem FF faces is FeatureCreep. I personally dont think fewer features are always good. But if software is build to get more features in it always gets messy.

Also read another criticism with another view: “What have I got against Firefox 3?” from Nanci Barthelmess

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Why have intelligent bookmarks or search plugins?

People like to search – and often people like to search for specific stuff – like a wikipedia article, the Amazon product base, a movie in IMDB or in social bookmarking. I have thought about that for a while. Firefox lets you install search plugins to be able to select this more comfortable and Epiphany also allows you to define “intelligent bookmarks”. But is that all really intelligent?

  1. You should not need to install a random plugin on your system or browser. An installation is like an operation of a human – there is always a chance that something goes wrong or you get infected. Also what Firefox gives you is a selection of websites. The options to search are: ENDLESS. Which means that the search plugins menu could be endless and you could have a never infinite list of plugins.
  2. Defining intelligent bookmarks isnt always easy, especially when its not simply URL based but hidden in a search form.

How would a really intelligent search work?

I don’t know how you search but I often do something like this: I look for a technology or a product – lets say I search for an USB microphone – this means I need to know what makes up a good microphone – I need some customer opinions – and also a comparison of prices. In this search might be involved: tech sites, Wikipedia, review sites(like dooyoo or ciao.com), online shops,… . The problem with search with a general search engine is, that it doesnt understand my search. How could it? I think thats only possible with user collaboration and when the users give feedback about their search. The problem with that is that people are leaving a search site when they browse other content. What could we do? I think the only possibility is to integrate intelligence into the browser itself. I should be able to save “search paths” into my browser – maybe not bookmark a page but mark a sentense that gives me an answer and link that to the question. So you might start with just typing in a question in you local browser. This now uses a desktop search engine to  look up if there is a similar question. So you might even get saved answers by typing in the question – like “How much euro is 1 us dollar” or you even could say “euro dollar”. Typing in “time” could give you the time. or when the desktop would not know what you mean or you explcicitly tell it to search online it could try to identify your search like:

  1. euro, dollar  – both are currencies – so the user most likely wants to see their relation.
  2. usb microphone – the desktop could know or maybe lookup in some databases that this is some technical product – question would be if the user wants to understand how they work, want to get this working on his computer just buy such thing or get some recommendations.
  • About recommendations: Users could interactively say what recommendations they like – or could trust some users (friends, colleagues) what recommendation sites might be helpful.

Maybe Wikia is now on the way of implementing this – but personally I strongly believe that the important part has to be the browser or desktop search engine. And then it can link to specialised searches like Technorati – but maybe rather fetching the content than opening a web site. I think opening a website should be the last thing to do. I dont think it makes much sense to load tons of websites on a local computer without any need of all that material – and also – why loading a web page, stripping out the adds as good as possible and then search for the real content. This is all because of too much crappy business models based on advertisements – while this all takes much more of our valuable time and makes getting the information we want or need much too hard.

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Foresight chooses Epiphany as new default browser on upcoming release!

Why did we do this? Why didn’t we continue to present Firefox as the front row browser? Well its simple: We are THE GNOME distribution. We want to show the latest and greatest in GNOME software – and to experience what a real GNOME desktop looks and feels one should really should recommend the official GNOME browser.

More …


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Debian & Mozilla

Some of you might already have heard of the problems between Debian and Mozilla. (see Debian Project Leader report for 2005-07-07 look for “Firefox”). I really think that this is more of a joke. First i want to comment on the so often called freedom of Debian. I don’t really think it is free. It includes more patent problematic software than any other distribution, especially related to OpenSUSE and Fedora. They have different repositories/sources for those, but they are distributed with Debian. That’s why you can listen to patented and copyrighted MP3 in Debian right from the start, but not on Fedora. The problem they have is with the trademark of Firefox.I don’t want to go too much into details. This is an evolving story. My view is that to make a fork should be possible. And if Debian chooses to do some patches quicker and better, why not. Sure this has the effect that a default installation base gets split, but if people are not really using Firefox in Debian they should see this by the name. So maybe this is what should be the default way. Debian often chooses to patch things that make software work differently – but mostly you do not recognize this “forks”. So maybe this whole issue should be seen more positive. Maybe Mozilla forces Debian to show their cards.

( see also Behind the Debian and Mozilla dispute over use of Firefox )

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