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The Obama posting

Why vote for Obama? From my perspective as a german or european I can say that I have been offended already by many of the words that McCain and Ms Pain have chosen. I am terrified about the incompetence and arrogance like he would not meet with some european leaders like Mr. Zapatero who are not in the boat in the Iraq war any more.

Obama might not be perfect and still policies of the US might not change as many in the world would like to see, but with McCain I could bet the US gets a lot of trouble. The US has an increasing number of enemies – and those are not falling from heaven, but are the result of the policies of the last 150 years or so. Many US citizens ask themselves why so many attacks are made against the US. It is because the US is omnipresent as a military force – it is because the US is trying to dominating the world and in its presence they often disregard other cultures – but then – some cultures like the arabian culture are highly sensitive to such a disregard, unlike some other western cultures. So this results in people not just being a bit angry but willing to kill. This is the reasoning of the whole terror problem from my perspective – the other part sure is that there are still regions who suffer in the globalization process and the people who live there have nothing to loose.

McCains way means to not look at the root causes but to solve problems with military force. But if you look back in history very seldomly military force has helped to actually solve conflicts. It has in the 2nd world war in Europe. I would admit that – and I wont say force in general is always bad. Sometimes it is necessary. But as a last resort. A war is costly and it always means that the once who suffer most are the innocent. But if so many innocents have to die – and there is no resolution in sight – is it worth the cost?

What people in the USA would need mostly is a leadership who reduces the military – its funny how McCain talks about cutting expenditures while at the same time talks about extending the military budget. There is no ONE cure for everything and the same is true for the military. One of the major problem is the high militarization of the USA. As an US citizen you might not even realize this – as a european I see it in all movies and speeches. In fact the military has become a substitute for a real economy and familiy and real friends in many ways. I think Obama is a chance for the USA to correct some things that have gone in the wrong way. Now in the midst of an economic crisis it would be time to rethink many of the policies that have been established after World War II and also before.

For certain a president McCain means much more war(s) than a president Obama. Why has the violence in the Iraq gone down? Because some Iraquis have turned on Al Quaida instead on to the US military – in fact  that proves my point. You can partly win a war militarily – but freedom can only be established if the root causes are solved.

I knew it would be terrible when George W. Bush was elected. I think this is the last chance for the USA to gain some new ground. Otherwise I see a very, very bad ending Nobody will cooperate with a McCain-USA. This ignorance has to stop NOW.

So please do us all a favour and vote for Obama if you can!!

Thank You


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McCain calls for attacks on USA if Obama wins?

Just now (2008-10-24) McCain on a rally said that if Obama will get elected the USA will be tested by other countries. This means McCains calls on terrorists and foreign countries to attack the USA if he does not win. This is very dirty. How stupid can someone be?

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McCains problem 5 weeks before election

McCains problem with the situation now is that it is rather unlikely that he can show people that he is better handling the economic crisis than Obama. He has only this chances: One that the crisis will fade away from the minds of the voters as things may seem not to be that worse till election day – or that Obama will do or say something extremely stupid and give him the chance to make his point. Pretty much wait for Obamas failures. But given how many stupid things he said himself and that his plan to present himself as the big decider has not really worked – he might be discouraged to try taking the action into his own hands again. And if he does try anyway the risk of failing and then loosing even more of the voters who still stick with him is even greater.

The funny thing is that after all that pre-election circus it had seemed that this election would not be about issues at all and now it seems it very much boils down to that it does. I still think the republicans will try to do a lot of dirty tricks to either turn voter opinion or to do election fraud. Watching CBS News I just thought about all those homeless people who propably will be denied the right to vote. BTW: In Germany you do not need to register to vote – every citized who is over 18 has the right to vote and is automatically registered and gets an invitation to vote.

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McCains acceptance speech sure his best ever?

I think McCain did the best he could and in that sense it was a really good speech. It was very emotional and touched many topics that Republicans and Americans feel are important to them. But the essence of his message was more that he will fight for the Americans as he will act for the common good out of his own experience – and that he will deliver real CHANGE.

So what we wittnessed was rather a radical change in the strategy of McCain. The first indication was that he chose Sarah Palin as his vice presidential pick. He did not choose somebody experienced and therefore essentially gave up on the experience as the core argument pro McCain. But what they try to do wont be easy – they want to say “You want REAL change – then you have to vote for us.”  So to speak “The better CHANGE” . Maybe they think that they already got the argument of experience accross and now want to weaken Obamas point. But the question is of how long they will survive if they enter Obamas turf? I dont think very long, unless I missed the point. Maybe they are just desperate?

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Palins speech on convention extremely weak

I have listened carefully – and the only thing she had to say about experience was that firstly that being a governour of Alaska is challenging and that the critics of the media actually targetted the fact of her not being part of the establishment. So from my view she has not made any point she really HAD to make – and this would have been why she would be a good president. I guess the McCain team has already given up to prove her experience, because they just cant. Why else would they have let her say nothing against all those arguments. And again she talked about how she opposed that bridge, that others say she never did. Weak performance, no facts.

Another thing that was interesting was as her husband dropped the little baby to the youngest, 7 year old, kid who could hardly hold the reposnsibility just because he wanted to stand up and wave his hand. So somehow this shows that he wont be the one caring for the children while his wife is busy.

This whole family looks false and staged – they use all their kids for political purposes (their son who goes to Iraque, the baby with down syndrom,…) I find this disgusting.

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About Palins upcoming acceptance speech

Sharing some of my thoughts – I think as many americans realise that Sarah Palin is inexperienced – she needs to make a real great speech so she can show that even if she isn’t that experienced she is at least worth voting for. McCain jumping in for her to defend her has only increased the doubts. So she really needs to dig herself out of this whole. If she cant do all of that she might still convince some hardcore Replublicans but not the mainstream America. We will hear and see if she will meet the very high standards. I will watch her speech on CNN.

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McCains retreat

Only a small interview was enough for McCain to retreat from a scheduled interview with CNN? What kind of weak is that? Guess what happens when he does this also when talking to leaders of foreign countries!  Watch this…. bravo to CNN and Campbell Brown for doing just what is there job and standing firm: 

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My take on Sarah Palin, conventions and stuff

I have been following the US elections for a while now. From the outside perspective of Germany I can say that somebody like McCain would not get more than 3% of the votes here, really. Not that we would not have conservatives here – but even the Conservatives here are more like Democrats in the U.S and the socialist parties are more left.

What I find particular funny is that McCains take on Obama has always been about his lack of experience. And now he selectes Sarah Palin as a possible vice president – and also Fred Thompson continues to do so even now. How can they still do this. What I heard so far she may be smart but if McCain really thinks she could be president with NO experience in international politics then the case is made that the Republicans really do not care about experience – so why do they think they even can think to make the case, still. They have really killed their only viable argument – the rest is bullshit.

But really elections in the U.S. as well as in many democratic countries seem to be not about real facts, but about what you say and who you think will vote for you now. So McCain uses Palin as a reason for women and conservatives to vote for him. I guess this means that experience does not seem to matter a lot for americans?

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