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EHEC, Germany, Spain

The latest EHEC outbreak (see BBC) in Germany, where I live, is scary. I have heard about a lot of people who are in intensive care unit. Kidney problems and the nervous system goes wild. Yet nobody I know personally has been affected. Strangely though, although we have the most cases in my area Schleswig-Holstein (northern Germany), many people seem to take it not very seriously. I do, much more, than the yearly flu or anything else, because there have been many deaths.

To the case of Germany wrongly declaring that cucumbers from Spain had been the cause I really thing our government should pay compensation. But I think this is not the right time to discuss. Yet the source of the infection is unknown, which makes the thing even more scary.

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German Pirate Party Going Right Wing?

In the German Pirate Party there is a case of somebody (“Bodo Thiesen”) who was voted to as a replacement party judge who in the past has talked like he would deny the holocaust. The board of directors was yet not willing to exclude him from party, although he had been warned to say such shit again. On the party convention in july he was voted by members to his office. Somebody questioned his political views but he was laughed at na people voted for “Bodo” anyway. Now the media has taken this story and the pirate party, instead of being able to prepare for national vote in september has to defend itself. This is very unfortunate and will cost a lot of votes and possible members.

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This is how houses are managed by WVB Centuria

I have made some photos to document how WVB Centuria manages houses. Every rain shower we get the cellar gets wetter and wetter – and sometimes on huge rainfalls it looks like that:wassereinbruch

Years went by, we often told them to change things but still nothing happened.. So now they get some publicity. 😉 So if you are a house owner – better beware of them.

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