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First impressions of Ubuntu 9.04 beta

I have just updated to newest Ubuntu. Here are some points of interest:

  • Thes removed the shutdown option from system menu. You now HAVE to use the stupid applet. IS this a GNOME or an Ubuntu decision. Personally i dont like this applet for shutting down. I always used the system menu. The applet looks so similar to the pidgin icon. Argh how stupid can programmers be? That would be a reason to dump GNOME. You should not remove essential stuff
  • Flash does not work in Firefox and Epiphany
  • I cant installe epiphany-webkit
  • the volume ruler now is horicontal. Is this better? and he did crash
  • The messaging (if you change volume, network is connected, etc.) now has a black background
  • totem does not play videos and crashes
  • monitor settings look much better. need to test it with my beamer.
  • btw. the gnome 2.26 news again sound silly at least in german like:
  • “GNOME’s web browser, Epiphany, gains an exciting new feature of an improved location bar, similar to the Awesome Bar popularized by Firefox 3.0.” – well Epiphany had this address bar BEFORE Firefox – it might have added searching the titles also – but what kind of GNOME marketing is that?

I am sure there is more to say. Why dont I file bug reports. Because I have lots of outstanding bugs that are undecided ot disputed so I know it does not make sense to submit new bugs. Its more likely that somebody reads this review and acts uppon that as that anybody really cares about new Ubuntu bugs from my experience. Thats sad but its true. That does not mean people do not work on bugs in Ubuntu – but they tend to either fix clear bugs or dismiss anything they dont get. Like the Evolution guys who still have crappy spam marking options. I did file a bug in GNOME bugzilla years ago but they still think spam handing is not important. That was the single reason for me to switch to Thunderbird.


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Report on Wireless status on Ubuntu 8.10 beta

Not much sense to read the rest as I could solve the problem by adding my internal card to the wireless MAC filter of my router. stupid me!


Ubuntu Wireless Problem solved. Brain refreshed

This is what bothers me on the new Ubuntu 8.10 beta on my Thinkpad R52:

  1. Now with a Ralink card (RT61) also this connection is resetted all the time. On reconnection every time the card that never worked with WPA (Intel 2200 BG) is used. The bug has expired (I set it to ‘new’ again) and it was always just commented to update the driver. So nobody at Canonical seems to care if Intel 2200 BG works or not?
  2. Related is the fact that I mentioned above that Network Manager never remebers which card and connection works. So if there is a internal card which cant connect he will ALWAYS use this, even if that has never worked. I reported this months ago and nobody cared., too. What the people working on wireless network do not seem to realize is that not every hardware works with every access point. So remembering what works and what not is so essential! Actually I alwys thoght that was what NM was all about. But it seems they only remember the password/key which has worked  and not how it worked. I guess this is trivial feature to add so again I dont understand why this has not been changed. Or why a card that never worked is even displayed and takes 80% of all entries, while the working card always switches its position (upper or lower end of the other card) – I would guess it would be important to display the most used and working connections at the top – also depending on the location. Come on guys, NM is not that new any more. So please fix those minor issues – I dont see any sense in listing 30 wireless networks in my range that I never use and will never use. What exactly am i supposed to do with them? This is only a distraction.

So my situation now is that not only the internal card is still not working but now the external PCMCIA card is resetted every five minutes or so. Which makes Ubuntu quite unusable for me – and its already Beta time. I had thought ipw2200 drivers would become really much better with newer kernel > 2.6.26, but 2.6.27 I still have the same bugs. So everybody having same type of hardware should stay back from Ubuntu till I can report that things are working.

Here is an example log. As you see wlan0 (rt61) comes up and then eth2 (ipw2200) interferes:

Oct 7 14:44:02 cine avahi-daemon[4897]: Registering new address record for on wlan0.IPv4.
Oct 7 14:44:02 cine dhclient: bound to — renewal in 32910 seconds.
Oct 7 14:44:03 cine NetworkManager: (wlan0): device state change: 7 -> 8
Oct 7 14:44:03 cine NetworkManager: (wlan0): writing resolv.conf to /sbin/resolvconf
Oct 7 14:44:03 cine NetworkManager: Policy set (wlan0) as default device for routing and DNS.
Oct 7 14:44:03 cine NetworkManager: Activation (wlan0) successful, device activated.
Oct 7 14:44:03 cine NetworkManager: Activation (wlan0) Stage 5 of 5 (IP Configure Commit) complete.
Oct 7 14:44:03 cine ntpdate[8639]: adjust time server offset 0.000279 sec
Oct 7 14:44:07 cine NetworkManager: (eth2): supplicant connection state change: 0 -> 3
Oct 7 14:44:07 cine NetworkManager: (eth2): supplicant connection state change: 3 -> 0
Oct 7 14:44:09 cine NetworkManager: eth2: link timed out.
Oct 7 14:44:12 cine NetworkManager: (eth2): supplicant connection state change: 0 -> 3
Oct 7 14:44:12 cine NetworkManager: (eth2): supplicant connection state change: 3 -> 0

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