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Democrats dont need to worry about upcoming debate

I will be watching the debate between Palin and Biden later (3am in the morning here). As CNN reports that some democrats are worried that Palin would be unexpectedly strong in the debate I like to through in my 5 cents: If you look on what McCain and Palin did wrong in a short period of time Biden could totally suck in that debate and it wont matter at all. As long as he does not beat her up in public it will be good.

We will see, though. But I guess I will be right.

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European view on US elections

I have been watching the primaries and debates that are ongoing right now before the elections. And as a european some things look weird to me – The things I found strange are:

  • No candidate on the republican site really states that creationism may not be tought in schools – the most radical postions I heard was that everybody should be allowed to teach what he likes. Come on? Whats next? The earth is flat? The Evolutions is one of the best proven facts – if science is not hnored why teach pupils anything at all?
  • Its funny or not really, but how many people talk against illegal immigration. AFAIK about 98% of the population of the USA are immigrants. You say “but they are legal”? Ok, but thats because it WAS legal back then. This legal immigrants vs illegal immigrants debate does not make sense. Each year there are several hundred immigrant deaths along the U.S.-Mexico border. Why doeseverybody care about the deaths of 9-11 and nobody care about the deaths at this border alone? In Europe we have a similar issue at the Mediterranean Sea at the south border of Spain where many africans drown because of increased border security. The strange thing is that Spain has indeed more legal immigrants from Mexico as from Africa (I dont have the exact numbers but maybe 5-6 times). So border security in many senses is another word for racism.
  • The “pro-live” debates. I think that the word alone is a provocation – to suggest that people who are noit against abortion are against live. In the book “Freakonomics” you can see the prove that the legalisation of abortions has decreased crimes and homicide rates. So one could also say that “pro-live” activists are “pro-murder”. Sure every live should be protected, but still humans have to make judgements. And how can somebody who is pro increased border security be also against abortions. You are pro killing of illegal immigrants why you care more about unborn children? Because of race?
  • The issue of the Iraq war – another topic where mostly conservatives are “pro-war” (again often those who say they are “pro-live”. The Iraq body count tells us that only on civilian deaths Iraq had around 80.000 deaths. And 4000 US soldiers. And this all because of 3000 deaths in 9-11 which was NOT caused by the Iraq. So why sacrifice 4000 of your own people and 80.000 innocents – just to make sure that there “wont be new casualties because of terrorism”? Fact is – we dont need to fear terrorism if we have the US military – it can produce a multitude of deathswith much better weapons thanany terrorist ever could! Even if there are terrorists that one could consider evil – they can not really harm a nation- the real harm is done by those who claim to protect us from terrorism. Just look at the numbers above! 80.000 civilians – even if some of them might be terrorists – there arent that many real terrorists. In Iraq the war is now also about freeing Iraq from an occupation from the view of many Iraquis – but it seems many US citizens seem to think that their military is by definition a positive force and so maybe an Iraqui should be happy to be killed by an US soldier instead as by a road side bomb. One word to the US soldiers: I believe you might do your duty in your best believes that what you do makes sense – and in fact nobody likes to risk his live if we would think that it is not for a good cause. I would love to see that all that violence decreases and you can go home. But I still think it was wrong to send you there in the first place. Even if peace can be accomplished. the death toll is just too high. If all in all there would be some dizens or hundreds of deaths one could talk about an acceptable relation – but 80.000 is just off any relation that is discusable.

There are some more topics I find weird but thats it for now.

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