Thilo Pfennigs Blog. Thilo is living in Kiel, Germany and is an IT consultant.

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you can jabber me at <tpfennig AT gmail DOT com>

2 responses to “About

  1. hi,…nice to visit your blog…i interesting linux too, but i’m living in indonesia so i’m sory if my english not good, in these blog i will study english too..

  2. I have also been flamed by Theo. Some years later I remembered the event and now consider it inclusion in a prestigious club; openbsd-misc subscribers who have been flamed by Theo de Raadt.
    It amuses me so much that I made a t-shirt to celebrate the status. If you’re interested the shirt can be bought from the store section of my personal blog, or go directly to zazzle.com/mlankton.
    Love BSD and open source? Been publicly abused by Theo on the openbsd-misc list? Represent!

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