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Saving Data on Desktop Computers

Since some years my feeling is, that the current model of saving data like text ist very flawed. Especially the concept to save something in folders.

The problems I see with that are:

  1. If you want to load the data back into your computer (like a word processor), you need to remember where you put the file. Or if you share a space you need the information where somebody had put the data.
  2. If you save similar files, you also need to remember or the information where similar files had been put beforehand.

What is the solution?

The right solution would be to put a lot of intelligence of software for saving and loading files. For example:

  • If you safe something you may add some tags or categories. For images you can also save the EXIF data. Or you can add a project name or link it graphically to existing data.
  • If you load data you can type or select projects, file types, dates, keywords or categories.

So like you have only one file with some rare filetype,why ┬áin the world should you need to search ALL folders to find it again? On Unix there is alwas a database of all files. So a command like “locate file.rareextension” would alway show you where the file with the rare extension is.

Or you like to work with an audio project or some images – why sould you need to look for a folder. Especially if you might have distributed files in different locations.

So the general idea is , that applications do not give you direct access to your file system, This is rather abstract. And you only need the folders if you want to export files. So there is more like a data management instead of file management.





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