OpenBSD as guest in Virtualbox

Does this work? Yes it does currently. With OpenBSD 5.0, 5.1 an VirtualBox 3.2.

Without hardware virtualization on my CPU I had to start VirtualBox differently than normally, though:

VBoxSDL –norawr0  –startvm NAMEOFMACHINE &

Then it should run ok. I run this setting on a Debian 6.x Squeeze since some years. So it does not need VT-x or AMD-V hardware virtualization support, as Oracle says.

–norwar0” means  “disable raw ring 3”. I still dont really understand this completely. But Wikipedia also talks about the rings.



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3 responses to “OpenBSD as guest in Virtualbox

  1. Hi there! Just a question, why are you using such an old release of Virtualbox?

    • tlow

      What is old? Debian is the latest stable release. And I use the VirtualBox that comes with Debian.

    • Well, expecially in the virtualization market I think that having the latest & greatest is always better … anyway I’m glad it works for you.

      Also you’ve inspired me to do some testing with openBSD, always wanted to try it and see it but never had a spare machine to do so …

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