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4 years it has been since I wrote about GNOME blogs here in this blog. And still the Plone site did not finish.

Plone was chosen and I link again to the reasons:

Ok, let's go for Plone. I think we could reach our wgo goals with
Midgard as well but there are some reasons that probably make Plone a
better choice here and now. These reasons, detailed above, are based
more on human factors than the tools themselves.

To me this is the end of the CMS selection process.
If you have anything to discuss, let's discuss it

I always have been strongly against this choice and it had been the reason why I quitted the GNOME web team in frustration about the shortsightedness. Most people don’t talk about things once they have left their group behind. I do. I keep an eye on what happens afterwards.

Ok now they use WordPress for all pages it seems. I did not find a condensed reasoning behind the new migration in the wiki. It seems to have happened between April 2011 and June 2011 for some reasons. I will not elaborate about pros and cons. I still think WordPress ist not really a CMS and can not match up to Drupal. But still WordPress is still better in handling than the Plone monster.

To the Plone fans: Sure Plone is much, much more secure and you can do a whole lot with it. But if you just want to run a website with it I still think it s really a pain. And I am not a CMS newbie . What I continually find sad is to argue with people and see things going in the wrong direction only to see after many years things moving in the same direction one has hoped it would go. Why do such thing keep happening?

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EHEC, Germany, Spain

The latest EHEC outbreak (see BBC) in Germany, where I live, is scary. I have heard about a lot of people who are in intensive care unit. Kidney problems and the nervous system goes wild. Yet nobody I know personally has been affected. Strangely though, although we have the most cases in my area Schleswig-Holstein (northern Germany), many people seem to take it not very seriously. I do, much more, than the yearly flu or anything else, because there have been many deaths.

To the case of Germany wrongly declaring that cucumbers from Spain had been the cause I really thing our government should pay compensation. But I think this is not the right time to discuss. Yet the source of the infection is unknown, which makes the thing even more scary.

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