Future of Social Networks

I have recently been very dissatisfied how Yahoo handles business. I did create a new Yahoo Group and it was deleted shortly after that without noticing me. The problem was, that this group was part of a long planned effort and that some users already had registered. Yahoo denied any answers to why the deleted it.

This isn absolutely untolerable. I can accept the removal of a group or a demand of change when I am told what the problem is. I have recreated the group with another name and it still exists – I habe no idea why it now may stay. But that leads to a strong uncertainty to any activity I do with Yahoo. I have used Flickr and Upcoming.org before  Yahoo bought them, but now I think I will end all connections to Yahoo. This is really the crappiest support I have ever seen. No comparison to the other giants like Amazon or Google, where real people do write and read emails. Even if I also have to critisize the others.

How to organize groups and communities in the future? Do we all set up our own software again because big business is just not reliable at all? And all the privacy concerns!

Any hints to a nice and new service which is reliable in many ways? And does honour privacy and maybe also releases the software it runs on GPL?

I am tired  of having my personal needs ignored. This is too costly.

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