Pasta Making

Moser Spaghetti essender Junge


I am starting some experimenting in home made pasta. I yet do no not have a pasta machine. But I start testing with doughs. One meal I like to do is a nice Lasagne with home made pasta. I tend to stick to original recipes, although I am not the guy who looks for the perfect ingrediences. It should be able to do stuff with what I can buy without much of a hassle.

I will keep you updated. Today I like did some simple Tagliatelle:

pasta dough

Unfortunately I missed the right lemons, so I could not test the recipe I was planning. They havent been as al dente as I think they should have been – the cooking time was more of an issue because I did not enough concentration at the end. But they were nice. Also i did mix different wheats (also wholemeal wheat), because I had to use them soon as sough does not get better once it is open. But sure they felt much better than any pasta I have bought so far. Also unfortunately the batteries of my digicam were empty after the first photos. So you cant see the meal, but you could not taste it anyway šŸ˜‰

Ah btw. I used 350 gram of wheat and 50 gram durum wheat for the dough. That seems to work fine. And the dough was not hard for me to do. Drying it would require more space, though.

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