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Protests against Toronto film festival

Just watching an interview with Naomi Klein on Democracy Now about the protests of the Toronto Film Festival (TIFF).

She says that the focus on Tel Aviv, which is 100 years old this year is an attempt to redraw the bad image of Israel.

I think this sound ridiculous. It is obvious, that states like the USA, Russia, Germany, etc. etc. do much worse. But no one would suggest not doing a dedication to New York, Moscow or Berlin. To paint a picture of Tel Aviv in a movie sense should be ok for every state. To think that Israel should be judged differently jsut because it is a jewish state is antisemetic in my view.

Israel has fewer inhabitants as New York, but still it is judged as it would be larger as the USA.

BTW. the TIFF has released a statement underlining that it sticks to its positions.

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