Watch CNN live on Linux

I just found out, that now you can easily watch CNN live via web browser.

Go to the page:

and then select a link under “Happening Now”. if you have javascript enabled a new window will open and start the live stream via flash.

This is the first time I got this working under Linux. Before this all my attempts to watch CNN via were not successful. Nice thing.

Other possibilities to watch CNN via Linux are Livestation (actually a player from microsoft, but runs also on Linux) and Zattoo player. The actual reason why I seeked CNN live via web is because both players do not work for me. LS does not display images any more on Ubuntu 8.10 and Zattoo seems to have a network problem. But generally both should work.



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5 responses to “Watch CNN live on Linux

  1. blah

    It’s not “live” CNN so there’s no point to this post. There is no way to watch CNN truly live on the internet.

    • Stupid comment. Maybe you mean its not CNN USA – thats true – it has many channels – but sure its CNN live. I have used it often to watche live events covered by CNN. One even can often choose between different events and so prioritize by interest. So what are you talking about? That there is no CNN? That CNN never is live?

  2. Brent

    He’s trying to say CNN Live on the internet is not that same as watching CNN the channel on TV.

  3. Mark E

    You can hear the live CNN broadcast at this site:
    I haven’t found a way to make it work with Linux, although I didn’t spent too much time trying

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