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Looking for HTPC window manager

I have looked at different projects but could not find out which one would fit perfectly to my needs – it seems many use Linux for watching TV. I do not want that. What I want is:

  1. A dedicated window manager which is able to manage multiple screens (2)- the second one is a beamer
  2. An interface to watch movies, this could or should be the window manager. So I should be able to interact on a laptop and have the video display for a video projector on the other display. Maybe this software could also allow me to choose an alternative sound track in addition to the display. I also might like to display ODP presentations or PDFs

Freevo, MythTV all do not what I need. The thing is that they do much more than I need – I do not want to use MySQL. On the other hand I could not see how they handle secondary screens – so my guess is that most people use a HTPC as a small machine which has only one display. What I want is rather to turn a laptop or better one user login of a laptop into a presentation machine. The main goal would be to make a perfect display on the second screen like fitting 16:9 mode. I have played arround with Ubuntus screen resolution tool and found it disappointing, too.

it would also be nice to be able to customize the look of that screen like either have some starting animation or some sort of screen saver or a simple background. Certainly it should be easy to set up powermanagement either to off or to select a power save mode for one display.

The idea is to have a nice cinema environment where you can select what people will see – so maybe it would also be nice of one could program the enviroment to queue different videos and have some kind of intermission with either spoken words (audio file) or some large sentences or both.

Looks like such thing does not exist. Maybe this is less home cinema but more small cinema solution? And indeed I would like to use it to present movies to a small crowd.



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