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New digital remote control

Inspired by the pseudo hologram of CNN I got a vision about new remote controls. It could work like this:

Imagine you have a full 3D virtual view of a house – or a room on a screen. Now you can move through the room and do something with the objects like switching on the light in a room when right clicking on either the virtualĀ  switch or the room itself. so every room could have attributes that you can set like “set temperature” etc. The nice thing would be that you are able to set these things over internet.

Or you can use it to balance the speakers of your hi-fi system. Or to connect different objects like drag something from your computer in room A to the hi-fi system in a room B.

And maybe related to SecondLife it could be nice if you could invite people virtually to a virtual copy of your home, if they had a virtual character. They could move around your home and look around as they were there. Before that sure one would need a real 3D virtual copy of the rooms. An open question would be how one would deal with changes in rooms – and sure sometimes one would like to exclude people. OTOH the 3D data would also be cool to load virtual furniture. My guess is that todays 3D technology can is quite able to recognize these structures. It would be important to get the right images nto the computer. I would think that one starts with a few pictures – then the software tries to get where top and bottom is and what fits – and the user can help my declaring where the bottom is. Then the computer should ask to take more pictures from certain perspectives. So the virtual world would grow. Then it would also be nice to be able to cut out some furnitures to be able to push them around – or to test how you get them through a door.

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