Hint for Ubuntu users: Look at man pages!

Some tools, especially for the command line do have an “onboard manual”. So like you have started using the command line and wonder what you can do with “ls” or “ssh”? Too many Ubuntu users are used to use (who too many u*s? lol) Google to find answers. Sure you can do that, BUT – some tools show you a lot of information by typing:

man ssh or man ls

Other operating systems like OpenBSD rely even more heavily on that ressource. The nice thing about these onboard manuals is that you can use them even without internet access. Also you can learn more than you really wanted. So you might just want to know how you can do this or that but when readin “man ssh” you find out other cool stuff you can use or that make it even easier as you thought. I highly recommend to use those manuals. Unfortunately some applications have begun to dismiss this opportunity. But still many core tools have high quality manuals. Maybe try this when you have got a questions:

  1. read the onboard manuals
  2. read the documents on your package under /usr/share/doc/package-name
  3. Use the answers in the Ubuntu wikis
  4. Google around
  5. Go to chat channels and ask a question
  6. Post a question into an Ubuntu forum.

Why is forum last? Because you will eiher get no answer or at least its not so fast as chat. Also people in forums do often get the same questions over and over again.

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