McCains problem 5 weeks before election

McCains problem with the situation now is that it is rather unlikely that he can show people that he is better handling the economic crisis than Obama. He has only this chances: One that the crisis will fade away from the minds of the voters as things may seem not to be that worse till election day – or that Obama will do or say something extremely stupid and give him the chance to make his point. Pretty much wait for Obamas failures. But given how many stupid things he said himself and that his plan to present himself as the big decider has not really worked – he might be discouraged to try taking the action into his own hands again. And if he does try anyway the risk of failing and then loosing even more of the voters who still stick with him is even greater.

The funny thing is that after all that pre-election circus it had seemed that this election would not be about issues at all and now it seems it very much boils down to that it does. I still think the republicans will try to do a lot of dirty tricks to either turn voter opinion or to do election fraud. Watching CBS News I just thought about all those homeless people who propably will be denied the right to vote. BTW: In Germany you do not need to register to vote – every citized who is over 18 has the right to vote and is automatically registered and gets an invitation to vote.

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