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Arent political analysation essentially sexist and racist?

There has been a lot of talk of what some candidates in the 2008 US election said or did not say and what it meant. But if you look how polls are done and how they are interpreted they often talk about things like “white men voters” against other races or sexes. But isnt what they do here essentially that everybody is determinded through the envirnoment and the color of the skin? By using the statistics to gain information of how races vote in comparison the first assumption that they do is that this actually matters. I dont say that your environment does not determine your view in any way. But the question should be if this is what a single person is about or if this means you have to vote with your group? The polls show that this does mostly not indicate anything. Even if some virtualĀ  group will vote in favor of some candidate it rather proves that those groups do not really matter. It only shows how the media desperately is seeking material. Funnily some data is often not measured. This is about the social status for example. Maybe those who are poor vote different ti the rest of the USA. it seems that this nobody wants to know. Its easier to make this an issue about race, although I guess it does matter less – as today race or sex is not as much definining as 50 years ago.

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