Sarah Plain or Sarah Pain?

She said she had been visiting troops in Iraq and now it was admitted that she did not. Miss Falsehood is really the Queen of Lies as it seems. I never have heard so many lies coming from one person in my whole lifetime. It seems that lying is her real qualification. Unbelievable. Does she know anything at all? And that does not really matter to republican voters? OMG. Maybe she can walk on water, too?


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6 responses to “Sarah Plain or Sarah Pain?

  1. Ken Spitz

    I bet you even her Canadian visit may turn out to be to see the Niagara Falls!

  2. sigmami

    It is really sad when you analyze why McCain select Palin for running mate.
    The only criterion was how he could win this election despite the best interest of the country and the American people
    America and the world is suffering with the blunders of Bush Administration
    The economy have crumple and the prosperity of many people are under risk not only in America but also worldwide.
    Because America doesn’t stand alone world have turn into a very small place and everything is linked
    And we are listen the person who is running for crucial position on public office,
    Resonance overconfident untrained rigid and answering with out vacillation
    Yes I am ready to be President like that job is similar to a manager position on the local Wall Mart shop .
    The same person last month was saying if some can explain to me what the Vice President do?
    John McCain and Sarah Palin promise of change: Is a change to Nowhere
    This election is not only about some bridge in Alaska it is about all the bridges and roads in all the o United States because they are all crying out for repairs and maintenance. This is because for the last 8 years the Bush and the Republicans have spent enormous amounts to build up Iraq and they have forgotten about the needs of their own country.
    Sarah Palin story is spin lie and lipstick

  3. Question is if voters buy their story, anyway?

  4. Americanoversea

    McCain should be brought to task. I can not believe the gall of this man to continue with these web of lies. McCain and company are creating an image that will sell to the public, and this poor woman because of ambition is willing to ride along.

    Where is that McCain manta – “I’ve rather loss the election than loss the war” replaced by “Win the election at all costs” dictum? How low can this man get to win the election. Sadly, this is McCain true measure of a man.

  5. ziggy Stardust

    I, as a french/australian (and considering myself above all as a world citizen) allow myself a few words in your comments on US affairs because, as mentionned in the last comment, wether we like it or not, the results of your elections will have world consequences. I feel so good when I read you because it gives me a little more hope in America & world future…
    Because, even if his not a magician or won’t do miracles like this, I, as a “world citizen”, can only be for Obama…
    I could say “we” because if a recent european poll is more & less right, only 1% of Frenchmen, 5% of Germans, 8% of Spanish & 11% of British people would vote (if they could !) for MacCain… (78% of Frenchmen, 72% of Germans, 68% of Spanish, 66% of Italiens & 48% of British people would vote for Obama).
    And believe me, I’m sure that appart Ben Laden, his friends & people like them who pray for a new Bush, most of the world’s population who follow these elections would vote Obama : nearly (there’s allway exceptions…) all the people I know throughout the world (and that’s quite a lot !) say so, no matter what their country/continent/colour/religion/sex are…
    Why ? Because as much as you, we can’t stand the idea of seeing for 5 more years this whole planet getting worse & worse because of one goverment’s “anti man & earth’s sake” policy.
    But, as I said, we can’t vote, we can only pray…

    PS : I didn’t know about this new lie of Sarah P but it’s no big surprise when you know who this woman is : Sarah “Pain” really suits her best…

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