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Using and supporting Wikia NOW!

I like to do a little promotion for the Wikia search engine. Not really because its better as Google already – but because its nice to work with. If you search the results are often bad. But you can help making them better by adding URLs and by voting on the results, or changing the description, or commenting on them.

It is all about where we are heading. I think Wikia has a status as Wikipedia in the beginning. And again Jimmy Wales is the founder. if you would have looked at Wikipedia some years ago you would have been dissapointed – you will be as well now from Wikia. I think now is the turn for people like me and you – if you like to have fun working with Web 2.0 technology.

I havent found one search engine besides Google that I found acceptable to use. But I believe that search engines should be free as well as thze search results. Google did a great job for themselves and to provide good search results. Unfortunately there are indee many privacy issues and the search rresults are not transparent.

I do not think that Wikia can become as fast that good as Wikipedia did – unless maybe it gets some sponsoring and investments from some other companies that might open up their search engines and take part in the development. Maybe it will be possible to share more ressources and really grow some alternative. I do ot really see an alternative for that grassroots development to counter Google. For now Wikia is just a geek tool – dont expect anything but have fun. It can be already a nice tool if you work on some search results – so partly I guess it can already give better results than Google. But to give that on random results it means we will have to wait some years. But the more people help NOW, the sooner we will get there.

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