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The future of books

In the sight of the Internet people have though about if books have a future – and if so – how it will look. I have been following some broadcasts like the Daily Show for some months now from Germany – where you see a lot of people who present their new books. Often it seems that those books are more written to get a message out than to actually have people have to read the book. Well authors sure like if their books ar read – but is that really needed?

I am split when it comes to book vs. internet etc. – but I think those mainstream books that are written quickly to just get a message out should really not be a book – but a book is what is working today – and other medias often are not. An alternative to a book is a website, which gives the author some possibility of feedback and interaction with “readers” or “audience”. I think that less and less people do read books – and maybe that is sad. But I also think its often useless to read that kind of books I was just writing about. So I really think people should rather read excellent books, either from past authors – or which have a scientific significance – or contain poetry or are novells.

I tend to dislike the form of books that are build upon a single theory which they then elaborate – and actually the authors travell around to make people buy the book – but those ideas are often not very much thought through – so you end up reading this book thinking why you bought it.

I think those messages can be distributed much better by audio & video on the internet. There is not really a working distribution channel for that, so making money that way might not be that easy. I think Youtube is working on that field?

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