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McCains acceptance speech sure his best ever?

I think McCain did the best he could and in that sense it was a really good speech. It was very emotional and touched many topics that Republicans and Americans feel are important to them. But the essence of his message was more that he will fight for the Americans as he will act for the common good out of his own experience – and that he will deliver real CHANGE.

So what we wittnessed was rather a radical change in the strategy of McCain. The first indication was that he chose Sarah Palin as his vice presidential pick. He did not choose somebody experienced and therefore essentially gave up on the experience as the core argument pro McCain. But what they try to do wont be easy – they want to say “You want REAL change – then you have to vote for us.”  So to speak “The better CHANGE” . Maybe they think that they already got the argument of experience accross and now want to weaken Obamas point. But the question is of how long they will survive if they enter Obamas turf? I dont think very long, unless I missed the point. Maybe they are just desperate?

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