Palins speech on convention extremely weak

I have listened carefully – and the only thing she had to say about experience was that firstly that being a governour of Alaska is challenging and that the critics of the media actually targetted the fact of her not being part of the establishment. So from my view she has not made any point she really HAD to make – and this would have been why she would be a good president. I guess the McCain team has already given up to prove her experience, because they just cant. Why else would they have let her say nothing against all those arguments. And again she talked about how she opposed that bridge, that others say she never did. Weak performance, no facts.

Another thing that was interesting was as her husband dropped the little baby to the youngest, 7 year old, kid who could hardly hold the reposnsibility just because he wanted to stand up and wave his hand. So somehow this shows that he wont be the one caring for the children while his wife is busy.

This whole family looks false and staged – they use all their kids for political purposes (their son who goes to Iraque, the baby with down syndrom,…) I find this disgusting.


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