Getting some flash with swfdec under OpenBSD 4.3 ~current

As I havent been very successfull using Gnash as a flash replacement under OpenBSD I decided to check out swfdec as a replacement. This has been partly successfull. Youtube? No, that crashes on Firefox.

But here is how I did it so far: First I got the latest ports tree. How to do this you should learn in the OpenBSD FAQ. I use cvsup package to fetch the latest. That gave me swfdec 0.6.8. I then copied swfdec to my /usr/ports/mystuff/graphics/swfdec/ and then did a sudo make package and after than installed the package from /usr/ports/packages/i386/all/swfdec-0.6.8.tgz .

So this gives us libraries but no plugin. How to install the Mozilla plugin is said on the swfdec Installation page:

./ –with-plugin-dir=$HOME/.mozilla/plugins
make install

You do not need to run this as root because this is only installed in your local plugins directory then. After this fire up Firefox and check “about:plugins”. It tells me:

Shockwave Flash 9.0 r100

So soem things still do not work but I hope thiungs get better. Later version gave me a working Youtube on Linux – so 100% Flash on OpenBSD might not be that far away. I know real hardcore OpenBSDlers dont care about that – but from my perspective the fact is that a lot of content has moved to Flash – maybe unfortunately – but still it often did replace 100% proprietary Windows formats. I am also not too happy with flash but I still think its better than some other video formats. I also know that Flash is designed poorly – but I dont see a better alternative now. I also prefer Theora/OGG and such stuff.


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