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Ubuntu vs. Community?

On Gregs remarks about Ubuntu not giving back to the community and the reactions to it: Funnily I just did organize this SFD and just wrote that Ubuntu/Canonical is the ony distribution which gives out free CDs, although its the smallest distribution. Maybe Ubuntu should hire one or two high profile full time kernel developers – but if I look at what Gregs says in some Google tech talk , I wonder why doesnt he bully Google for not being number one on the list? Google is making the most money out of Linux today and it chose Linux as the basis of its Android platform. Or what about Amazon, Ebay etc.? Does Greg really think Kernel development is only the business for classical distributions?

I think kernel development is a whole different business today. Development is happening at a very fast pace – so you cant say that nothing is happening here and that we desperately need more input. On the other hand many other parts of Linux are in a bad shape.

The number one issue for desktop users as I see it is that you still do not get viable status information for printers. This in fact means that you never quite know whats wrong with your printer when you use Linux. There is no real progress in this area – at least nothing I have seen despite some industry people saying they want better drivers etc. – if one takes this more heartly one could say that this means you can not use printers on Linux. Thats not quite right – you can – but you may need to throw away full ink cartridges of one color because you can not test if its full or not. Nobody really sees that as a big problem. Its not a big thing but I could understand if somebody would dismiss Linux for this reason only. The only good solution would be printers with web interfaces or similar. I guess those are still more expensive.

Other issues on Linux still are power saving modes, Xorg, GNOME, KDE, On GNOME I think Canonical has hired a lot of GNOME people and also a lot of GNOMERs work on Ubuntu for free. Undoubtedly Ubuntu was a breeze of fresh air when it came to the market. It still has its problems – like there is no graphical setting of the screen. There is a program called ‘displayconfig-gtk’ – but thats not part of any System menu – so its hidden – and its usability is awful – and it does not work most of the time. OTOH Ubuntu was the distro who contributed this application to the general public as something like this is not yet part of the GST (GNOME system tools). Other thing is missing is a DSL configuration interface as part of the network configuration. This of today only supports modems, ISDN and ethernet cards (more or less). But DSL or cable is a quite frequent setup.

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SFD experience 2008 in Kiel

This year I organized the Software Freedom Day in Kiel with a handful of other folks. This means I did 90% of the preparations and got a hand for the last two days of five others. I was thinking that we all plan and do things together but I found out that this was not what people wanted, really. Everybody likes to talk, but only few people like to take responsibility. But many people like to help, if they can. So I think the bad decision at the beginning was to think that others would take responsibility from early on. But some expected either a better planning or just wanted to give a hand. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that – only that on our first meeting where I asked about expectations and montivations nobody was coming out what he or she was up to – and so we just moved forward.

The result was that I did not work on some stuff like making sure we got the room 100% in the early stage and also I was not the one who planned the printing of flyers and posters. Besides some ideas nobody else could bring in talkers with topics who would assure us they will come. So this resulted in uncertainty of room, speakers and promotion. As you can easily see these are the basics of every event like that. I take responsibility for letting this happen. Sure one could say everybody could have thinked about those things – but I was the one who asked people to join doing this in Kiel, answering a question of somebody from Rendsburg. As an anarchist I do not like to lead or mak decisions for other people – but I tend to think that you ahve to come up with some kind of blueprint of an event. If you have three people that are also friends or fellow students of informatics maybe it might be possible to develop the basic ideas together. But if some people live outside and others have only few time for preparation the problem you end up is that you think you cant make decisions and delay them if the people are not present – but then time moves forward and you have to get more things done in less time. This is ok to some extend – but it can become critical.

Event planning needs a safety margin so if unforeseeable things happen you still can accomplish your goal to make the event happen. In our case we were able to make a successful event, but without much promotion – like we did not een had the chance for the school to maybe advertise the event on their homepage, parental letter , etc. – the only promotion went in announcing in the XING social network – in an address list from 2007 Kieler Linuxtage – and direct invitations letters to 22 schools and word of mouth. And we then had 20 attendees. All talks went well, the people who cam got a lot of information and answers to their questions and so in a small sense it was successful. OTOH we could have done much more.

So what would or will I do better next year. Firstly I already found that the location is critical. Its the first thing besides the date that needs to be fixed. Next year I would like to find a school who would like to participate actively in the event. And in that sense that they advertise the event as their own event, also. I think a school is a very good place, because here young people learn about computers and the infrastructure is already present. It would be nice if the SFD would fit into some activities that either already exist or start with or after the SFD. It then would be nice to have early contact with representatives of the school especially the teachers who would be interested in doing this.

When it comes to promotion I like to have a better oversight in the options and the costs, before the planning phase. I also think having at least one sponsor would be beneficial to cover the basic expenses – like if we print posters one can put the sponsor on it and so he also gets an advertisement by sponsoring the costs.

About speakers. I think its nice to have speakers from the own hometown. but I also like to have some expert for questions of schools next time. Also I would like to have a room with computers where we can load live cds and maybe also work on them. BTW: Th installable Live-CD is a bit dangerous for schools – as this allows a user to overwrite the installed system.

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SFD and 25 years GNU @ KDE & GNOME

GNU software exists since 25 years. Also there was the 4th Software Freedom Day at Sept. 20th. And what did we see at and ? Not a word! This is very unfortunate. Its not that there aren’t people who say that this should or could have been mentioned – I think what it shows is a deeper disconnection between users and developers in the open source community. The event on are 100% developer related. Maybe GUADEC want primarily if you look at the name “GNOME USERS and developers conference” – but in fact it is developer oriented. And what is “25 years” of GNU – or “Software Freedom Day” – these are celebration events – something everybody could join. There is not a development talk focus in any sense. But both big desktops seemed to think that this isnt imporant enough to mention at all. it shows exactly that and not more. It shows that new releases and developer talks seem to be more important than communicating with the users or celebrate what has been accomplished.

BTW. same is true for or And thats exactly what Ubuntu seems to distinguish to other distros. Ok the are also sponsor, but SUN was, too. Other distros seem to let Ubuntu alone define what Linux and Linux community are. So … should we all use Ubuntu then? I am also an OpenBSD user because I think many things are more mature there – but when it comes to Linux I can only often shake my head about the ignorance to users of many free software projects like distriobutions or free desktops.

Come on guys, tis not that hard – like: You all deliver GNU software – why not have one word all 25 years about that fact? And there is only ONE free software day every year – why shoudl this be Ubuntus day only?

As long as other distros dont support community efforts like Canonical does, I only support Ubuntu – simple as that. I do not say Ubuntu is technically better – in fact I think that theoretically Fedora is nmore advanced in many ways – but their community is still broken and they do not tseem to be willing to learn from Ubuntu. They way to go is encourage community efforts and support it.  Novell makes 930 million dolalar, Red Hat makes 400 million revenue, Canonical Ltd. just 10 million. Nonetheless Canonical likes to sponsor free Linux CDs while Red Hat and Novell seem to think that is too expensive. And all along Ubuntu roles up the market from the bottom up. You dont see Fedora or OpenSuSE on the ground. You dont get CDs in the hand – at Fedora they even do not want you to promote it unless you are an official ambassador.

To summarize: If you are a Linux community activist you either burn your own CDs and tell your own stories – or you stick with Ubuntu who support a grassroots Linux movement – although they are for sure not less capitalistic than Novell or Red Hat. At OpenBSD this choice is not really there. There is no OpenBSD company – so they finance development mainly through presales of upcoming releases, Tshirts and donations AFAIK? I think this is absolutely Ok – but still this means that there wont be much free CDs of OpenBSD out there – marketing is not their philosophy.

Personally I like to do a little Linux promotion – and as I dont like burning my own CDs and spending my money I welcome the Ubuntu CDs – as I said I dont necessarily want to promote Ubuntu – but I do, because they give me the tools. And of people like Ubuntu they might choose to switch to any other distro if they like. Ubuntu is for breaking the ice – if they stick with Ubuntu its ok – if not – same. I just care about promoting usage of free software – and so I think Ubuntu also does work for other distros. So here Ubuntu also means “for no costs”.

If Canonical can do it the others could, too – but they feel too powerful to see the need to. I hope they will regret, because they have more money and could do even more. Lets assume the SFD would be sponsored by all major distributions and so teams would get 4 different CD types – or even could select what they want. More CDs can mean a lot more users, really. I always tell people to pass it own if they think they do not need it.

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Arent political analysation essentially sexist and racist?

There has been a lot of talk of what some candidates in the 2008 US election said or did not say and what it meant. But if you look how polls are done and how they are interpreted they often talk about things like “white men voters” against other races or sexes. But isnt what they do here essentially that everybody is determinded through the envirnoment and the color of the skin? By using the statistics to gain information of how races vote in comparison the first assumption that they do is that this actually matters. I dont say that your environment does not determine your view in any way. But the question should be if this is what a single person is about or if this means you have to vote with your group? The polls show that this does mostly not indicate anything. Even if some virtual  group will vote in favor of some candidate it rather proves that those groups do not really matter. It only shows how the media desperately is seeking material. Funnily some data is often not measured. This is about the social status for example. Maybe those who are poor vote different ti the rest of the USA. it seems that this nobody wants to know. Its easier to make this an issue about race, although I guess it does matter less – as today race or sex is not as much definining as 50 years ago.

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Putin qualifies as new Alaskan Governor?

If Sarah Palin knows Russia I guess Putin must be the ideal new Alaskan Governor as Russia is a neighbour of Alaska. At least thats what one might think if one follows Republican argumentation. 😉

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Sarah Plain or Sarah Pain?

She said she had been visiting troops in Iraq and now it was admitted that she did not. Miss Falsehood is really the Queen of Lies as it seems. I never have heard so many lies coming from one person in my whole lifetime. It seems that lying is her real qualification. Unbelievable. Does she know anything at all? And that does not really matter to republican voters? OMG. Maybe she can walk on water, too?


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Using and supporting Wikia NOW!

I like to do a little promotion for the Wikia search engine. Not really because its better as Google already – but because its nice to work with. If you search the results are often bad. But you can help making them better by adding URLs and by voting on the results, or changing the description, or commenting on them.

It is all about where we are heading. I think Wikia has a status as Wikipedia in the beginning. And again Jimmy Wales is the founder. if you would have looked at Wikipedia some years ago you would have been dissapointed – you will be as well now from Wikia. I think now is the turn for people like me and you – if you like to have fun working with Web 2.0 technology.

I havent found one search engine besides Google that I found acceptable to use. But I believe that search engines should be free as well as thze search results. Google did a great job for themselves and to provide good search results. Unfortunately there are indee many privacy issues and the search rresults are not transparent.

I do not think that Wikia can become as fast that good as Wikipedia did – unless maybe it gets some sponsoring and investments from some other companies that might open up their search engines and take part in the development. Maybe it will be possible to share more ressources and really grow some alternative. I do ot really see an alternative for that grassroots development to counter Google. For now Wikia is just a geek tool – dont expect anything but have fun. It can be already a nice tool if you work on some search results – so partly I guess it can already give better results than Google. But to give that on random results it means we will have to wait some years. But the more people help NOW, the sooner we will get there.

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The future of books

In the sight of the Internet people have though about if books have a future – and if so – how it will look. I have been following some broadcasts like the Daily Show for some months now from Germany – where you see a lot of people who present their new books. Often it seems that those books are more written to get a message out than to actually have people have to read the book. Well authors sure like if their books ar read – but is that really needed?

I am split when it comes to book vs. internet etc. – but I think those mainstream books that are written quickly to just get a message out should really not be a book – but a book is what is working today – and other medias often are not. An alternative to a book is a website, which gives the author some possibility of feedback and interaction with “readers” or “audience”. I think that less and less people do read books – and maybe that is sad. But I also think its often useless to read that kind of books I was just writing about. So I really think people should rather read excellent books, either from past authors – or which have a scientific significance – or contain poetry or are novells.

I tend to dislike the form of books that are build upon a single theory which they then elaborate – and actually the authors travell around to make people buy the book – but those ideas are often not very much thought through – so you end up reading this book thinking why you bought it.

I think those messages can be distributed much better by audio & video on the internet. There is not really a working distribution channel for that, so making money that way might not be that easy. I think Youtube is working on that field?

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McCains acceptance speech sure his best ever?

I think McCain did the best he could and in that sense it was a really good speech. It was very emotional and touched many topics that Republicans and Americans feel are important to them. But the essence of his message was more that he will fight for the Americans as he will act for the common good out of his own experience – and that he will deliver real CHANGE.

So what we wittnessed was rather a radical change in the strategy of McCain. The first indication was that he chose Sarah Palin as his vice presidential pick. He did not choose somebody experienced and therefore essentially gave up on the experience as the core argument pro McCain. But what they try to do wont be easy – they want to say “You want REAL change – then you have to vote for us.”  So to speak “The better CHANGE” . Maybe they think that they already got the argument of experience accross and now want to weaken Obamas point. But the question is of how long they will survive if they enter Obamas turf? I dont think very long, unless I missed the point. Maybe they are just desperate?

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Getting some flash with swfdec under OpenBSD 4.3 ~current

As I havent been very successfull using Gnash as a flash replacement under OpenBSD I decided to check out swfdec as a replacement. This has been partly successfull. Youtube? No, that crashes on Firefox.

But here is how I did it so far: First I got the latest ports tree. How to do this you should learn in the OpenBSD FAQ. I use cvsup package to fetch the latest. That gave me swfdec 0.6.8. I then copied swfdec to my /usr/ports/mystuff/graphics/swfdec/ and then did a sudo make package and after than installed the package from /usr/ports/packages/i386/all/swfdec-0.6.8.tgz .

So this gives us libraries but no plugin. How to install the Mozilla plugin is said on the swfdec Installation page:

./ –with-plugin-dir=$HOME/.mozilla/plugins
make install

You do not need to run this as root because this is only installed in your local plugins directory then. After this fire up Firefox and check “about:plugins”. It tells me:

Shockwave Flash 9.0 r100

So soem things still do not work but I hope thiungs get better. Later version gave me a working Youtube on Linux – so 100% Flash on OpenBSD might not be that far away. I know real hardcore OpenBSDlers dont care about that – but from my perspective the fact is that a lot of content has moved to Flash – maybe unfortunately – but still it often did replace 100% proprietary Windows formats. I am also not too happy with flash but I still think its better than some other video formats. I also know that Flash is designed poorly – but I dont see a better alternative now. I also prefer Theora/OGG and such stuff.

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