mixxt social network = ridiculous

As mixxt was suggested as an opportunity for the Webmontag to use it for social networking I looked at it. And I found that it does not even meet some minimum requirement. This one minimum requirement for a social network from my view is TLS support. You can not expect users to log in via an unencrypted connection, really? Go and do your homework!


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2 responses to “mixxt social network = ridiculous

  1. Hinnerk

    wir benutzen mixxt seit einiger Zeit für ein sehr kleines Projekt — mit https.

    Wie kommst Du auf die Idee, mixxt.de böte kein SSL/TLS?

  2. http://mixxt.de/, the form contains a link to /users/login” – there is no indication that there is TLS. Also the certificate on https:// is only self-signed: “The certificate is not trusted because it is self signed.
    The certificate is only valid for Philipp Ellenbeck” – also I found no hint for TLS anyhere in nix and neither when searching for tls and mixxt on Google.

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