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Knol is online. And I like that they offer some licensing options for CC and GFDL. Not sure if this might not end in some confusion (as you cant mix two articles). Also not sure if what they do will make sense. Bu I like this parts:

5.1. No Google Ownership of User Content. Google claims no ownership or control over any content submitted, posted or displayed by you on or through the Service. You or a third party licensor, as appropriate, retain all patent, trademark and copyright to any content you submit, post or display on or through the Service and you are responsible for protecting those rights, as appropriate.

Of Knol Terms of Service

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Fixing Thunderbird after updating

Today I has some XUL related problems with Thunderbird on OpenBSD. It would not let me write new mails and said OpenPGP would not work. The solution was to remove the file “XUL.mfasl” from the Thunderbird user directory. Just thought I should share that solution.

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The results of using the internet wrong

This article really got me thinking twice!

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Linux kernel development for 2.6.26

I am not a kernel expert, but recently my impression is that this is getting more chaotic lastly. There is a RC9 out there now and in the Release Candidates new drivers got introduced – and not only bugs were fixed. my view on RCs is taht hey should never introduce new features but they are in fact “ready for release”. So I havent followed Linux kernel development closely in the past but what I read now doesnt feel like it can be trusted. It makes me think that a new kernel will have features that are no thoroughly tested just to bring “all new exiciting stuff” in. And what if that crashes my system?

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Freepoint Movement / Freipunkt

I have searched for words to describe the movement against surveillance in general and found that there was none. My suggestion is to call it the “Freepoint Movement” – and why that name?

Because it makes clear that freedom is the key point – this can also be translated into other languages like german “Freipunkt”. As a logo I suggest a black circle on a white ground. It also has some links to “Web two point 0”

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