Boycott Firefox 3

In a senseless effort Mozilla Corp. wants people to download Firefox 3 as much as possible. This does mean that many people might just download Firefox a lot of times, just to set a record. I think this is VERY STUPID. First of all it means you can forget about making anything of the download counts. If some people may download FF3 100 times you can not assume that it is really used that many times. IT just says NOTHING. Then it is produces a load in the internet and slows down some connections that are not that well equipped than others. And why all that? Just for an entry in the Guinness World Record Book? This is harmful for the net and contradicts every kind of open source advocacy so far.

To stop this kind of behaviour I therefore declare Firefox 3 as harmful and uncool and call evrybody to spread the word. Use alternatives like Epiphany or Konqueror or Opera but do not use FF3, deinstall it and tell them WHAT YOU THINK: worldrecord At .

Firefox btw. has many security issues. People download random plugins which interact unpredictably against each other and so Firefox can be coinsidered to be as insecure as the Internet Explorer or maybe worse, because you dont know who really wrote the code you just install.



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6 responses to “Boycott Firefox 3

  1. If by VERY STUPID you mean MARKETNG GENIUS then I agree.

    Nothing could come of this but good press no matter how much anyone thinks it is stupid.

    As for being insecure, it’s no more insecure than Opera, Safari, Epiphany, or any other browser out there. However, it is a step up from IE.

  2. Did you read my arguments? One problem Firefox now has is that downloads now really dont mean anything. Firefox has destroyed any relations to reality and a desperate strive for world record numbers. Download numbers always have to be read with care – what Mozilla actually did is falsifying the numbers in order to get some more press. This must be translated to how the Mozilla project acts – and so what the general public can learn is: Dont trust Mozilla. Shouldnt I expect Mozilla to falsify when it comes to security also?

    And about security again: you didnt seem to read my arguments: Firefox allows countless numbers of random extensions to be installed.I have seen Firefox with 20 extensions that fighted each other and also had started daemons which must be called spyware. You can say that this is not core Firefox and so its not Firefoxes problem,but then you could easily also say tthe same about IE or Windows. Thing is: Firefox suggests that you should extend it – on Epiphany you CANT install random extensions on the web.And i coinsider this a real security benefit, especially when one views it from the “just works” perspective. Installing random extensions requires the user to act and think before acting, considering what results an extension might have.I admit than I cant foresee all consequences of the installation of an FF extension – and this means that many users might have eben more problems doing so. In the end it means people use software they dont have under control.

    I am no security expert and I haven read critical stuff about FF from security experts. I will try to gather some more evidences as I am quite sure my view is correct. More updates on this on this blog.

  3. Er, I’m pretty sure their code is smart enough to eliminate multiple downloads, and that most people are smart enough to realize that and not bother.

  4. Let people download it 100 times… just wasted bandwidth. They tracked download stats, like how many per country, etc… lots of useful things and I am sure they only counted 1 download per person/computer/login/etc. Not sure why you don’t think that makes perfect sense.

  5. Hm what mykes you think they care about numbers? They want to have a world record so its obvious that many will download just to increase numbers. You cant really make sure that only one person downloads. Yo are thinking of 1 user= 1 computer but thats not true. Many users can download from hundreds or thousands of ip addresses. If you want world record downloads you can get them – but the numbers aint mean nothing and I conclude Mozilla does neither care about real numbers nor does have a quality focus. Thats the same shit as people who try to fake statistics. Its stupid and I wont use a browser driven by stupid people. Simple as that. I am not going to assume some kind of seriousness behind all this – there are no indications to.

  6. Firefox Hater

    Some People are needing sacked at firefox HQ.They’ve took a perfectly good working browser and drove it back to the dark ages,whilst they happily claim their $100 000 a year.I’ve just upgraded to 3.62 and after shutting my pc down 4 times decided to open it up and head for Opera fastest browser on the planet..Bye Bye Sh*tFocks..and good riddance

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