Time and time again….

Today I found this description about OpenBSD philosophy:

Unlike some of the other Free OSs, the leaders of the OpenBSD project have no desire that everyone in the world runs OpenBSD.  Perhaps more than usual, most of the OpenBSD users believe in the “Right OS for the Job”, not “Our OS is The Answer, now what is your question?”. (here)

I cant say that this was new to me, nor that it surprised me. But somehow I found this view refreshing as an opposition to many distributions that maybe too much think about marketing. Maybe marketing is a silly concept at all? I can imagine some of you might say you think like that for a long time. But maybe thats maybe because you never seriously thought about it as a possible partly positive concept?

One other thing came to my mind today: I have invested large parts of my free time into packaging some months ago, but now I dont do it at all. This was due to my switch to OpenBSD on the desktop. This was mostly a smart move. I am only missing a few things now. But then maybe some of you also know this effect: When you are into something you think its important and you think you need to do it – until you switch your habbits – and then you dont do it any more – and if you look back you maybe cant imagine why you really did invest THAT much time into that. I think this is true for many hobbies. We are all kind of blind. We all think we only have the time we use and we also think what we do is essential, while mostly I would estimate that most of what we do is (sorry) useless crap,  trumpery. This is also true for the business world. And thats also why the rubbish piles get larger and larger – people consume more stuff and throw it away. Maybe what we need would be a different culture – one which is already there – like: be efficient in what you do but have fun and cultivate your lifestyle – without using all this bloated products … just live and act. Maybe I am just tired of all that nonsense you hear every day (or have to buy). To me it seems we tend to live a copy of life and not live they way we could. Its all just a cheap copy. But maybe its just the view from me of my life – but I see this also in other peoples lifes, from the outside.

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