Deletion of Flinux blog

I have just removed the blog of me. Why? Because its primary purpose was to write about “Foresight Linux” in the past. There were many articles who talked positively about it, then as I turned my back on Foresight I changed the name and description and also wrote some negative comments about Foresight. Also the articles in their were very much similar to this blog. So I have decided to remove all old content. I am neither fixed on any sort of Linux or on Linux at all. I use what fits best and my comments are not ment for one specific OS, windowmanager or OS. I have really turned my back on many technologies by now. There is no much sense to talk negative about projects that are just aint worth it. I have seen a lot and basically it all boils down to “Don’t believe the hype” 😉

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Filed under Free Software, Linux, Technology

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