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Just got an idea of what makes upcoming applications important – its about “verification” and trust. Just like the nice video about the older term “trusted computing. Everything that is happening in the web are actions or interactions. Exchange of informations, tasks, savong of data, recalling of information. We need to trust our storage media or the information pathways. We also need to verify that our data is intact, so that we will not experience a data loss or that the data will be manipulated and become inconsistent.

This is not a mere technical issue but also political. We need to verify who we can trust, be it humans, companies or the government. Like with the new basic right of confidentiality and integrity of data, that was created in Germany by a high court.

I think that if we develop this basic right further it may be essential for every interaction in the formerly called called cyberspace – which is an extension of our ego and natural life.

Our situation is that we can not verify. But if we cant, we can not trust, which again means that we act and interact without a confident feeling. Which is like in a totalitarian state. Our privacy gets stolen and our own and personal integrity is hurt.

Its not that we are in danger, but that this situation is here for a long time. And humanity has experienced similar attacks long before the computer was invented. It is about control, about power. Those who control the pathways control the people and what they think.

What we need to accomplish is to regain control for each individual on every action and interaction. This would give the power back to where it belongs. Control of information outside an indivual about the same individual shouldnt be accepted at all.

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