Testing wmii

I am currently testing wmii, which is a new style window manager. What I havent seen before is some arguments about WIMP desktops. I do not think its really matured – also because to be really non WIMP there need to be the applications that support this new metaphor must be invented.

One question is if non WIMP means non graphical? For wmii there are some  command line tools like the ii irc client. I think that it would be possible to create a desktop that id graphical and non WIMP. Its only currently that the only non WIMP tools are command line.


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2 responses to “Testing wmii

  1. mike

    wmii is interesting, but wasn’t useful for me with my everyday GTK apps 😦

    Though it could be nice with center-im, irssi, mutt, etc.

  2. Yeah, btw they have “ii” irc client which works with plan9 file structure.

    I wish my apps will change behaviour and look when under wmii.

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