Googles Phone will be THE killer

Why do I think that? Because only Google has the power to integrate all their internet services (Mail, Google Maps+GPS, …) The only other company who could do that with such a large user base would be AOL – but they lack a lot of the services. So what Google will do is delivering instant information to what people might be looking for – so like they make a photo with their mobile phone of a church and will get every information about it including nearby restaurants.
It is clear to those who can add one to one that no phone company can ever compete with Google. This may sound a bit strange to some people, because they think Apples iPhone looks cool or that there are really large phone companies. But the thing is – they all dont have anything new to give. Only Apple is trying to bring some new uses and functionality to the user – but still they dont yet have a large userbase. Google just has all possibilities in its hands to roll up the mobile market.

OTOH – do we really want Google to be in control of yet another sector? I think not as long as Googles policy is so obscure and not open. We need more guarantees that our information will be kept secret and is not used for unwanted purposes!

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