Syx – and here we go again.

Those who follow that blog know that I am currently learning smalltalk while I build someSyx Logo more Smalltalk conary packages. I now have recently found yet another smalltalk version which looks promising. The long name is Smalltalk YX (or short: Syx). I am not knowledgeable enough to evaluate how good the code is but the project and the core maintainer look very active and full of energy and ideas. So I think it could have some great future.I think if Smalltalk should have a future it needs fresh ideas – even if not all ideas will become true. So for those Conary, rPath and Foresight users who like to test Syx can do so. It is yet not official part of Foresight contrib but will soon be if all is ok: sudo conary update (thats a subversion pre-version of 0.1.4). Have fun!

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