How to start learning Squeak & Smalltalk

There are some recommendations. The most common is to use A Development Example for Squeak 3.9 but I dont like it for a number of reasons: First its overly abstract and secondly it does not show you an overview of the object structure that you should add with it via the system class browser. So this is more for those of you who already know Smalltalk and just want to get into using Squeak. You then will make some things right although they are not shown. For others I have just found “Basic Aspects of Squeak and the Smalltalk-80 Programming Language” which is older but starts with some more general explanations. Anyway you can also choose others at: Squeak Tutorials.

Update: This one also gives a nice overview over Smalltalk (based on VisualWorks, some things dont work in Squeak) . Or this: bitwise magazine: “SMALLTALK : A BEGINNER’S GUIDE


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