A Little Smalltalk

On my way through Smalltalk I had to make the experience that many tutorials are not uptodate like the freely available PDF “Joy of Smalltalk” where it seems that VisualWorks has changed since this was published. So I could not build my farm 😦

Anyway. Hust out of frustration I have started porting more smalltaks to Foresight. And just read from the LittleSmalltalk original author:

Little Smalltalk, Version 4
Timothy A. Budd, budd@cs.orst.edu
Oregon State University

I first started developing Little Smalltalk back in 1984, and to tell the
truth hadn’t touched it for several years now. However, when I attended
OOPSLA in Portland a few months ago, several things struck me:

* Addison-Wesley was /still/ selling my book “A Little Smalltalk”
(despite it being many years old now and very very dated), and people were
still buying it (don’t ask me why).
* There was a heck of a lot of interest in Smalltalk on the vendor floor.
* People kept asking me about Little Smalltalk.

Funny, isn’t it. Thats also my impression – Smalltalk become more popular again. And thats partly because some of the base ideas is still not available in other languages and people can be productive with it. I have built the special stable version 4 from by Charles Childers. There is also a version 5, but they describe it as alpha. So we better start with this version: Quote: This version comes with source code of the Smalltalk image and a tool that compiles that source and creates an initial image file. So this version allows bootstrapping of the complete LittleSmalltalk system with only a C compiler at hand and without magic in the image file. This version is the basis for our further work on LittleSmalltalk system 5 since April 2007. To install do sudo conary update lst=vincis.rpath.org@fl:1-contrib on a rPath/Foresight system. Please give feedback.  And BTW: From version 4.1 upwards all versions are developed and maintained by Danny Reinhold / Reinhold Software Services and other contributors to the LittleSmalltalk project.

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