New Evolution version

Ok you know that I switched from Evolution to Thunderbird. But indeeed – with my new Foresight came Evolution and I sticked with this default. So I use two mail clients.

I have installed new development version and so am using GNOME 2.18 Relese Candidate now. With this comes Evolution 2.9.92. . And i can say that these issues are not fixed:

  • still spam filtering is not working properly
  • Settings dialogue is still MUCH, too big on german language. This is an issue from 2005 but maybe did exist in 2004. So 3 years and no resolution (view how default site of evo settings is for me for years – and evo team knew):

Evolution Settings Dialogue.

My impression is that Evolution team just does not do its “homework”. I would vote for excluding this mail client because its hardly usable and gets no work on important parts. Maybe I get this completely wrong. But this continues to be my bad impression about Evolution.

This is a good/bad example of how sometimes focus of developers is wrong. I heard many are happy to see Evolution faster on IMAP mails. I really NEVER had a problem with that. Fastness is nice – but every spam I have to read worries me much more – and also such a settings dialogue renders for me really unusable. Maybe we find another GNOME mail client that does a better job?



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2 responses to “New Evolution version

  1. Haven’t you read “Balsa is an e-mail client for GNOME, highly configurable and incorporating all the features you would expect in a robust mail client.” at balsa dot gnome dot org ?
    I think should propose Balsa Gnome version instead of Evolution.
    But Evolution is the only app i know which is able to connect to MS Exchange Server.
    And Evolution is supported by Novell 😉

  2. mike

    Yeah, Evolution’s Mail sucks, Contacts is not much better.

    But I like the idea of EDS and like to have it synced with my N800 or soon the OpenMoko Phone.

    Therefore I will still with sth that support EDS.

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