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Setting up an intranet server

Tomorrow I am going to change our house intranet server. Until now it ran on Fedora Core 4. As readers of this blog know I am switching away from Fedora for many reasons . The current setup is:

  • a simple 350 MhZ, 512 MB server
  • one small hard disk with FC4
  •  and a big one as a samba share

In the future the setup will be

  • server: same hardware
  • rPath Linux as the core system
  • Xen
  • and a Samba appliance that is  serving the samba hard disk.

This way I am able to run the stable, underlying rPath system as long as it has power – and work with the other appliance(s) as I like. Maybe a second network card would be a good idea? Generally I like the idea of seperating the intranet and the extranet traffic. So that the server exchanges internet data through one card (eth0) and data for client computers on the other (eth1).  This also would allow to clearly control with a netfilter what should come in and what not.

Well I COULD also just set up an IP alias eth0:0 and work with that. hmmm. But my guess (as a non netfilter expert) that it is more clean to do this on two cards. Anybody likes to comment on this one?

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