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short summary of Foresight Linux experience

So after a few weeks of using Foresight what should I say? I like the community which is generally helpful and friendly. I like that it is possible to do things and people actually beeing happy to get help. Would I recommend Foresight for simple users. Well the conary commands are very long and thing can get complicated because you do have many options and sometimes might want to get things from different repositories. So the command line tools are not really for simple users if it is getting complicated – on Fedora you often only install a repository info RPM and then make ‘yum install packagename’. With conary you do not need to install a package info or edit any files – you can type in sources and then you have it. But as long as you are happy with using an uptodate GNOME desktop you should be able to use Foresight also if you are not a developer. To install a a package from command line you simply type ‘conary update packagename’. There is a graphical tool that works with a web service, so you are accessing it via a web browser. This works most of the time but still has some minor issues (stops), but if you restart an update it has worked every time. We are expecting Foresight 1.0 to be release soon. There are some issues that still need to be resolved and if they are i think it will be a very nice distro and sure many more people will love to try this out. I think Foresigh really adds something to the distribution market because they have some new approaches for common problems. And I like the distributed development idea. BTW: Conary is CPL (Common Public License) whichs is incompatibe with the GPL but only because it forces somebody to give rights for patents to all those who use the software and you can license parts of the software as proprietary software. This licences was coined by IBM.

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