Blocking ads with Epiphany browser

I am still a bit split if Firefox or Epiphany is the better choice. One possibility to block ads without having to rely on an adblock extension which is not automatically built by upstream epiphany extentions is to use a ad blocking Javascript as a proxy address. There is a pretty good site here: . How do you set it up with Epiphany?

  1. Download
  2. Unzip the contents (no-ads.pac) in your home directory
  3. open gnome-network-preferences
  4. choose Automatic Proxy Configuration
  5. type in: file:///home/homedir/no-ads.pac (where “homedir”should be replaced by your home directory)
  6. READY!

Maybe distributors should think about including such a thing as a standard? So maybe as a shared file for many different browsers. GNOME people always told be nobody wants different proxies for different browsers – so consequently sure everybody wants an adblocker.

I think adblocking gives epiphany something of 40% more usability. I still think that just too often teh developers do not think from the users perspective. I now remember thatI new about the auto configuration with javascript, but I think some years ago we did not yet have such good scripts.

I could also think of a preference application that helps to edit such a file. This could also be inside the gnome-network-preferences. I think I am going to file a bug at, if it does not yet exist.



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3 responses to “Blocking ads with Epiphany browser

  1. I’ve finally moved away from Epiphany to Firefox. My two major reasons were:

    1) Adblocking (The “AdBlock Plus” UI is horrid on Firefox, but it at least allows me to block on image level), and
    2) Even more importantly: NoScript. The ability to torn off Javascript on a per-site level is so invaluable that that justified my move in itself!

    The problem with this approach you are advocating is that it’s an either-or solution, and becomes impossible to use without hacking the .pac file if you need to use another proxy server (ie. your corporate proxy).

    While editing the Epiphany Filterset.G file (or better, the “blacklist”/”whitelist” files) is easy enough, it still makes blocking sites/URLs non-trivial.

    Now if Firefox2 just didn’t screw up so badly at rendering fonts on my FC6 box…

  2. I am now using Epiphany 1.7.90 in Foresight Linux with the adblock extensions. And its working similar to Firefox. No idea if there can something be screwed – but I think its better to test. I suggest to download Foresigth 1.0 when it is ready (soon).

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