OpenSuse 10.2 Install

I have just installed the basis of OpenSuse 10.2 on a Lenovo Desktop PC for a customer. Some criticism:

  • OpenSuse states to serve the newest GNOME 2.12 (while it really GNOME 2.16)
  • At first it offered me to resize the WindowsXP partition that was preinstalled, but it could not resize NTFS! Also I think the user will not really recognize what will be done. Personally I prefer the deletion of everything as the default. I think traditionally Linux was the “second OS” on a PC. i think it is much better to install one OS on one desktop and not mess with resizing NTFS. I can understand the intentions: Don’t delete what people might miss – but Windows does not care either. Dual-Boot always makes things more complicated and i do not do this any more for my customers.
  • At the german install notes one is led to the english wiki – shouldn’t people start on a german welcome page first?
  • There is no traditional GNOME application menu – only a favourites menu and some other shortcuts. This may make sense but it makes finding many different applications a really difficult task.

Let’s see how it behaves. You get Firefox 2. I have chosen OpenSuse instead of Fedora, because Fedora is no more a good choice as they make weird decisions in their community and my influence for myself and my customers is shrinking. That makes it unlikely to have some problems solved that may come up. So I hope OpenSuse is better at this. As it is also traditionally VERY strong in Germany it might also be easier to get answers to common questions. Currently I am only evaluating rPath/Foresight and wait for the first non-development release before I recommend it to my customers. So right now OpenSuse is THE commercial choice. Why not “Novell Linux”? Because my customers did use newer versions of on FC6 – and I fear that going back to stable Novell Linux version of (1.9beta) would be a bad idea . Because of Open document Format and such things. Also Novell itself should be critiszed for the Microsoft deal and I think that with OpenSuse we are mor independent while also having some benefits of some of the good works that are done at Novell.

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  1. btw. interestingly I later found out after I attached a LCD that the graphic chip of Lenovo is only supported by Fedora and Ubuntu right now – and not OpenSuse, although Novell and Lenovo cooperate. Lenovo support said they won’t help.

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