2006 wrapup

I’d like to make a little more private entry at the end of this year:

Interesting year, started my new company for wiki hosting, got some intersting requests, got more involved in the MoinMoin community. GNOME International was partly interesting experience as things are getting more exciting there, GNOME Germany was more of a disappoitment, because most of the time I was not able to do, what I had planned and in the end I realised that my goals and the goals of the majority of the active members are too far away, so I pulled out of this involvment. I think I am cleaning up many things since November which I never did so much in recent years.

Unfortunately I had some big private disappointments the last weeks, which I am not going to discuss openly – just for the records if some people might think I acted weird some times that might be true, because I had trouble to sort my thoughts. I threw away a lot of material stuff, which I had kept for years or even decades. If you do not use things für 15 years maybe throw it away? This can also be a big relieve and open yourself for some new things – new people – new attitude. I don’t think that new is always better, but often old relations and stuff has nothing more todo with your life and you just keep them and it because of your own little insecurities.

So my plans for next year: Engage in projects that you like, meet people that you feel comfortable with and als buy only those stuff (furniture, clothes,…) you also feel comfortable with. Nobody can protect himself from negative experiences, they are part of life – but to stick to negative objects and relations is a silly thing to do.

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