RPM restructuring

I’ve read about the new RPM developments. My thoughts on this:

  • Why on earth are distributions the core application unmaintained for years?
  • Ok they have a wiki now (good) but
    • it’s Moin version 1.3.4 (bad)
    • Only people in the EditGroup have write access (bad). This is the same stupid thing that went on with Fedora (again Red Hat involved). A wiki should be an open space – IRC and amiling lists are anyway – if some newcomers post stupid things – you can revert.
  • Again meritocracy – they invite people that have positions in different companies – no open space.
  • Open Publication License. not again (again Red hat involved, which just seems to LOVE this license, although almost nobody else does)

My suggestions (as I do not have write access):

  • Choose a new name. As it is not Red Hat only any more. This is the chance! You could have a link to rpm for compatibility. But a new name would make things much clearer.
  • Please open up more. It’s just unneccessary to act behind closed doors. This will only in effect give you less input than you could have eventually.



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